tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Somethings's in the air.

For the last two days my pants have been storing up electricity. This isn't as much fun as it sounds, and involves unflattering clinginess and nasty shocks to the nether regions upon removal. Anyone with suggestions as to how to de-energise my trousers? My butt is getting fried!

Another thing in the air will be me. Yay! I like flying. I just wish I could fly around in a big loop and land back in Wellington instead of going to smelly Auckland with tedious people to have boring meetings about irrelevant subjects. But anyway, they need me there to answer questions about the Mysteries of the System. And free food and stuff almost makes up for the interruption to my life. Apparently this company is a bit freer with the expense account too because the hotel is a wee step up in quality. Naturally, yours truly will be taking full advantage of this..

And, finally, this new fashion of women wearing three-quarter pants with knee-high boots in some kind of farcical Zorro impersonation? No. Just, no. *shudder*

I love Wellington. Especially on mornings like this one. ;-)
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