tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Major girly breakthrough!

This morning on my way to work, I saw a woman, and I thought "Wow, she looks nice." I particularly liked her shoes (Mary Janes worn with black opaque tights). Now, bear in mind that I only found out what Mary Janes are about two weeks ago. Anyway, in my truncated lunch break I went into two shoe shops completely unforced, found what I was looking for and ordered a pair in my size. This from the shoe-shop phobic of six months ago. Go me. Also, in one of those horrible shops where you have to leave the dressing room to check yourself out, I actually left the dressing room and looked at myself in a mirror, blatantly, in front of everyone. Normally I try to guess what I look like and make a decision based on that. Who invented that idea anyway? It's stupid.

There was an evacuation at work this morning, in the middle of that big hailstorm we mustered out in the street. I was disappointed because out of four fire trucks there was only one hot fireman. Those calendars are false advertising!

And, I've found an outlet for my creativity. It's fun, and will be revealed soon..
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