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I have boots!

They are black! And knee high! With heels! *beam*

Also, I have three job interviews out of the way. They all seemed to go well but of course you never can tell for sure. I hear about all of them next week. At this morning's one, they told me there were actually two jobs they were interested in me for, and the older guy twinkled at me. I haven't been twinkled at for yonks. It's nice.

I think things are settling down. A form of relative normality is reentering my life, along with nights of dreamless sleep and occasionally having relax-o-vibes to spare. Last night at training I was able to watch myself from a detached distance and not point and laugh at how silly I look. I probably still look silly, but I just don't care anymore. And I haven't torn/bent/broken anything for at least a week. So things are looking up.

And many karmic thanks to whoever handed my wallet in at the shoe shop instead of nicking it after I left it sitting on a shelf. Doh.
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