tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I need lessons

There is a large bruise in the middle of my back. It makes me sit up straight like the prim and proper lady that we all know I'm not. It doesn't make me elocute though.

There is also a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, as if the temperature there is a couple of degrees hotter than everywhere else, and my insides have got too big for my outsides. Attractive men make me uncomfortable, and I run away. Yes I am a hopeless case.

Telephone interview question yesterday:

Them: "Describe your communication skills."

Me: *thinks* WTF kind of question is that? *says* "I can talk face to face, use a telephone, write reports and letters and use email. I'm also good at seeking feedback."

Them: "We want to give you a second interview."

Who writes these questions? And how does an inane answer like "I can use the telephone" make me a preferred candidate?

EDIT: I have just discovered that spinning round and round on my swivelly chair makes me pleasantly dizzy, even if I do it with my eyes closed. Go on, try it.
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