tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

How long does it take for a fracture/sprain to heal?

Aikido was a disaster. My sausage/toe made it impossible to run in circles when being uke, and impossible to concentrate as nage, and for the second time I didn't complete a session. I hate that. Biting the bullet and admitting defeat does not sit well with me. I only have a few weeks before the Big Weekend Of Aikido and I want to be able to do it. *crosses fingers*

On the bright side, coolness all round today, a boy who just so rocks and the big catchups, a girl whose insight and plain common sense always straightens tangled head-messes, and the one who gave me Giant Pebbles. Pebbles are the food of happiness. I know such cool people.

Anyone else think the goons guarding parking spaces on Willis St today that some company had reserved is wrong? What happened to public parking, and weekend parking? Grr. I wonder if Kerry Prendergast deals out free blowjobs to company CEOs too?
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