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Sheep in the Big City

Um, so what do you do with yourself when you have an hour for lunch in the middle of the city? I am stumped to the point of considering quiet corners with books or powerwalking.

Today I saw the folks who hang out in the park with the sperm fountain at lunchtime. It reminded me of high school with the little groups and the packed lunches and the giggling and gossiping. It all seemed very alien (I am more accustomed to eating my lunch on some hilltop alone with a dog sitting on my feet) and got me to wondering how many of those people went straight from the quadrangle at school to the quadrangle on Lambton Quay and never got any further. That thought scares me and makes me thankful for my eclectic life.

In other news, some asshole smashed my indicator light cover, and the garage wants to charge me $435 for a service. What could they possibly do that's worth enough to buy a cow that would feed me for a year?
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