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Has anyone else noticed there are more ants than usual around lately? I've heard several people mention invasions of their homes. Luckily for us, we live in an area that's not ant-friendly (read: damp).

Good argument (I thought) for legalising marijuana - heard yesterday: "People on alcohol or P take several cops to restrain, you can restrain someone on weed with a sandwich"..

And, random event of the day: Going to visit a female friend for lunch, dressed in a skirt. Ending up scavenging through a junkyard in Naenae for a master brake cylinder for a 1965 Singer Vogue. It's an interesting place, you pay $1 to get in, then get whatever part you need, which you pay between $3 and $20 for. We didn't find one (please let me know if you have one under your bed) but we did find a bakelite distributor cap on an old Ford Prefect, and who could pass one of those up?

Thanks to Douglas Adams, I can't think of Ford Prefects without giggling. Thanks to Terry Pratchett, I struggle with the morality of eating sprouts. Hmm.
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