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Baring Head - in your heart, in your clothes

Today was happyinmotion and Andrea's intro to the Head. The weather, for once, was perfect with no wind or sandblasting or anything. Now they know the true joy of clinging desperately to rock faces 20cm off the ground.

This is me sporting my new hair, an expression of extreme concentration and a skinned elbow.

And then of course there's the fun of remembering the Head for weeks after, as you find unexpected bits of coarse sand in your crevices and corners. It was fun, and my conclusion is that circus folk take to climbing like fish to, well, fish stuff.

Speaking of which, Blue Island Fish, Randwick Rd, Lower Hutt

Price: $4.00
Fish: Delectable, served with lemon and tartare sauce, and your choice of salt.
Chips: Although bog standard frozen chips, they were well cooked with a nice flavour.
Comment: Very clean, nice touches like perforations in the bag, free coffee and a sink for handwashing afterwards. Voted best fnc in New Zealand twice. Definitely worth trying.
Cooked in: Oil.
Rating 9.5/10

Now I have contented dogs and family lying about the house, a full tummy and a sense of content. Life is good.
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