tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Finally, by popular demand (or something)

Alasia, Miramar
Price: $4.00
Fish: Nice. Tender, not too much batter, well cooked.
Chips: Nothing to write home about. Shoestrings.
Comment: Small serve, great fish, loads of cardboard packaging, Kilbirnie FnC are better if you're over that way.
Cooked in: Oil
Rating: 7.5/10

This was recommended by several people but, sorry folks, I know of at least four in Wellington that are better.

Erm, anyway, Mum arrived today, with Dad in a box. So the family are all together again. There are three dogs in the house, and four people, and I cooked (OHMYGOD I hear you gasp). It's all very homely and nice.

And, my brother has succumbed. *evil cackle* The Coalition of the Weak-Willed is coming together nicely..
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