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Damn ram!

The kind of rams I like are the kind that you can round up with a dog, wrestle to the ground and shear/drench/castrate or whatever takes your fancy. They are simple, straightforward and usually the winner is a given.

The kind of rams I've been wrestling with today, however, are a totally different story. You have to prepare yourself by de-staticking and only touch the ends and press them till they click and no more, and they are fussy little buggers that fall over at the least provocation. And, at least 50% of the time, it seems that they sit there all calm and I fume and go red and tear my hair out. Yup, there's a reason I usually get sent out of the room when grist is doing anything with these little nasties. Give me the 100kg variety with a wrinkly nose and horns, stamping and pawing the ground. That, I can deal with. *sigh*

Anyway, the upshot is that killifish, level 8 and not advancing much till I get these issues sorted. Once that's done, just watch me go! Except that my Mum arrives tomorrow and will require entertaining at least some of the time. *braces self*

And, happy solstice everybody! Revel in the longest day. It actually feels summery today. Well, wouldn't yah know..

Oh yes, and there was climbing with Jez and Andrea, and it was fun to go with people who are fit and adventurous and having a good time. And *cough*buff*cough*. There should be more climbing people. Most folks say "yeah I'll go" and then pike at the last minute. They didn't. It's all good. *beam*
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