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Doop de doo..

So, um, yeah. It wasn't beach weather. At least not at the beach we were at. "Welcome to Wellington, Tommy, no, really, it's summer. Oh look, there's snow on the Tararuas.." *whistles* But, mission accomplished and fun hanging out with Charlotte. Tommy found what we think is a turtle skeleton. Anyone know what one of those looks like?

There was circus. It was cool. Andrea did things on stilts that I can't even do on feet. happyinmotion.. er, held his notebook in a very manly way. It was good entertainment and I was impressed. And it looks like fun too.

Tomorrow I must finish the picture and send it, and get a room ready for Mum. Not play silly computer games. Must.not.play.games. Oh, and my book arrived from kimeros's secret santa book thing. It's gone into the pile and I'm not thinking about it at all. No.

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