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I rock at shopping. I do. I have all mine done. Do you?

Finally. And I still have a whole week and a bit of playing WoW drawing the portrait I have to finish by Tuesday and then preparing for family visitors. You know, despite my feelings about the commercialism and the bollocks that surrounds Christmas, and my belief that Jesus's actual birthday is sometime in November (there's no way he was a Capricorn), and the fact that I'm not even a Christian.. I like giving gifts.

I know, I know, I should feel free to just give people things at any time of year 'just because', and I do. But Christmas is an excuse to give people things, who may otherwise feel embarrassed at being given a gift for no apparent reason. And it gives me a thrill to find something that just calls their name, and stash it away feeling all secretive. I like wrapping things. And right now I'm feeling pretty smug, because for the first time ever, I'm organised. Ever.

Today, some guy approached me in a shop and was looking at my obsidian. He fingered it, then sniffed it, then he tried to suck it. Eeew! Luckily, I didn't go into full-on defence mode, and when he realised it wasn't a lolly, he wandered off. I also gave a girl 5c so she could afford to buy the gift she wanted, and yes I feel awesome about that.

Overheard between two police officers in North City Plaza: "We've got the pizza shift tomorrow eh bro?" "Yeah bro." Anyone know what that was all about?

Last night I freaked everyone out at aikido by being able to roll. Apparently I shouldn't figure that out for a few months yet. And, I've put my back out with shopping-centre-aisle-twisting whilst carrying large bags of feather pillows. Yep, pillows. That's how I spent my going-away voucher from work. Mmm, squishy. So if anyone wants to volunteer to give me a massage, I'm all ears and also good with the reciprocation.
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