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Grist gets a gold star, a million dollars and a pony

Really he should get big smoochy kisses too but I'll leave that to all you girls because if I did it he would be embarrassed. Why? Because he's lovely, and because he made my machine go. It's whizzy. No specs for the geeky, sorry. But those who actually care probably already know since the parts were donated. Big smoochy kisses for the donators too. ;-)

I was thinking this morning how this time last year I barely knew anybody in Wellington, and now my life is full of really cool people. I feel blessed. I'm not going to name anybody because then I'd probably forget someone, but to everyone who's in my life, this means you. I'm glad I know you and I'm glad you want to know me. *hug* [/sentimentality]

OK. Flatting 101. If you have a flatmate who's not doing as much around the house as they should/normally do, before you go bleating to anyone else about it, consider this:

A) You should talk to them first.
B) There might be something up with them that needs support, not backstabbing.

Consider yourself told.

Anyway, reminder ladies, if you see grist today, give him a big fat smoochy one for me, K?
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