tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

WoW and other expressions of wonder

One of my pet peeves about filling in forms is how they ask you for your ethnicity. On most forms in New Zealand, you can be Tongan, NZ Maori, Cook Island Maori, Samoan, Fijian, Tokelauan, Asian, NZ European/Pakeha or Other (please specify). Now, I consider myself to be English (in ethnicity as opposed to culture). It's where I was born. So usually I put Other. I have seen people cross out my Other and call me Pakeha, which just, well, gets up my nose. It's like, if you're brown, you can specifically identify yourself but if you're white you get lumped in with this encompassing group called Pakeha. It's a form of racism.

Anyway, I found a form that allows for non New Zealand-born white folks to say where they come from. It was the death certificates used for Kathryn's party. I find it kind of ironic that you have to be dead before they allow for the fact that you're not just Pakeha, that white people have variety too.

A question: Is World of Warcraft the most addictive online game ever? Over 200,000 people created accounts on the first day of sales, and apparently 50,000 a day are signing up. So, if the streets seem mysteriously clear of geeks these days, you know why.

And, I have a sore spot right in the middle of my back, in that place where you just can't reach. *smile*
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