tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Here is a picture

Of me displaying the grace and poise for which I am known...

This was taken during the photoshoot I did back in December.  I still don't have the final shots but as you can see I'm sure I will look like an elegant queen in them.. *cough*

Photo by Brett Stanley (http://brettstanleyphoto.com/)

Meanwhile, Kiwiburn is just under a week away and I have almost all the costume stuff done.  And the props.  So naturally now I'm having brainwaves about things that will take just over a week to make.  *ahem*

I'm back on holiday after taking on a 4-day contract last week because I'm a filthy capitalist.  I could get used to this sporadic working thing.  Just to make sure I don't, I'll be spending the next month doing almost nothing but volunteer harm reduction work at festivals.  It's normal for me to lose about 5 kilos over the summer, but I usually only go to one event. I have three more before I'm done and I may just fade away to nothing.  This is why I haven't made my wedding dress yet - I have no idea what size I'll be by March.

On the upside, I wrote my vows today. Weddings are weird.  I hope I don't fart.  But if I do, I know at least one person will find it funny and that's one of the many reasons I'm marrying him.
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