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Dreams are free

When I was 15, I had big dreams. Everyone told me I couldn't do what I wanted, that I should be sensible and go be a lawyer or a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist. "Why waste your brain?" "You're a girl, you can't do that." etc etc blah blah.

When I was 25, I threw $30000 into shooting for my dream with someone else. He took my money, pissed it up against the wall, messed up my head and I ran for my life with 2 cows and my clothes.

When I was 30, I was living my dream and it was wrecking my body. The sheer amount of work involved was phenomenal (2 fulltime jobs). I realised that in order to achieve my dream, you need money. Lots of it. So I shelved my dream for a while and moved to the city.

Now I'm 34, and my dream has come back and hit me in the face, full force. It may be a bit smaller and more realistic, but it's still there.

They never go away, do they? No matter how much the world tries to squash them out of you.

Third time lucky?
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