tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Aristotal 2 - the birth story

Every time I've upgraded my computer, it's been because of a game. Back in 2004 I learned to install my own optical drive so I could play WoW, then it was a new motherboard, CPU, box, and overpowered power supply for Dragon Age: Origins, then a new graphics card for Skyrim brought my spec up to what's done me right through ME3 to now.

And then, along came Inquisition, with its minimum quad core 3.2GHz requirement. My old dual core CPU was all NOPE, and I was all *moop* and it was sad.

However, after 4 years it probably is about time for an upgrade, and me being Budget Girl, I had money aside for that very purpose. I will spare you the details, but I bought:

- hex core CPU 3.5GHz
- motherboard that's a step up from the average recommended one for that CPU
- 16G of RAM with the totally not male wish fulfilment fantasy name of Vengeance

Everything else was still well over recommended spec for this game, due to my habit of going one step beyond what's currently required. The parts arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Wednesday night I was all "Can't.Wait.Any.Longer!" and started putting it together.

Can I just say here that I get a thrill every time I see my graphics card? Thing has *copper lake pipes*. *ahem*

Anyway, I haven't built so many computers that I'm not still nervous about messing it up, and so I dragged Dr Wheel (who was all "I hate hardware damnit!" but still helped me because he's awesome) in, mostly to make sure I got all the right plugs in the right places on the motherboard. One hour later we turned it on, fired it up, and Windows went "OhfucknewhardwareICANTCOPEARGH" *blue screen of death*

Luckily this was expected, the only frustrating thing being that in between all this fixing and installing, I still have to sleep and work. So after another day and a bit of googling, I concluded that a fresh install would be less faff than trying to recover Windows.

Except that Win7 has this weird bug where if you're booting off an external USB device (my DVD drive is one of these) it only works if you have it plugged into a USB 2.0 port. If it's in a USB 3.0 port, it can't find the drivers for your motherboard and comes up with a screen that says "Please select drivers from this list" - with no list to select from.

Which I found out when I googled it. What on earth did people do when they hit install bugs in the days when nobody had more than one internet-capable device? Well I guess they didn't have trouble with USB 3.0, anyway.

So, long story short, I finished installing, grabbing drivers, updating, and protecting, and copied my backups at 9pm last night. I installed Inquisition after that, and it took 2 hours because I'd left my drive plugged into the USB 2.0 port. Doh.

But it's done. And it goes. And it's shiny. And I'm all TRY TO USE ALL THESE CORES, INQUISITION! When I get home from Spinfluence on Sunday, I'm off to Thedas for the foreseeable future. Reports coming in are that this game is a step back towards Origins without losing the cool battle graphics of DA2, and that it's gut-wrenching.

Can't wait.

Tonight, the monsters are doing acrobatics for an audience. They are a bit nervous but they've learned their parts really well, and they have no lines to fluff. Wish them luck!
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